Greece, has so much beauty to offer. Greek islands are the most famous worldwide, why not combine them to one trip!! Get the opportunity we are giving you, and book a cruise with us, cooperating with CELESTYAL CRUISES we organise 3, 4 and 7 day cruises that are destination oriented and combine rich itineraries with an authentic cultural experience ashore and on board. There are plenty of options giving the opportunity to admire Greek island jewels and Turkish sea line.

Some of the options are:

• 3 days Aegean cruise (Santorini-Izmir-Nafplion)

• 3 days Aegean cruise (Mykonos-Kusadasi-Patmos-Crete- Santorini-Peraeus)

• 3 days Easter Cruise (Mykonos-Kusadasi-Patmos- Santorini-Peraeus)

• 3 days Romantic Cruise (Mykonos-Kusadasi-Samos-Milos-Piraeus)

• 4 days Aegean Cruise (Mykonos-Kusadasi-Patmos-Rhodes-Crete-Santorini-Athens)

• 4 Days Cruise (Chania-Rhodes-Cesme-Mykonos-Athens)

• 4 Days Cruise (Syros-Cesme-Kos-Ios-Santorini-Athens)

• 7 Days Cruise (Santorini-Izmir-Nafplio-Chania Rhodes-Cesme-Mykonos-Athens)

• 7 Days Cruise (Mykonos, Kusadasi, Samos, Milos, Athens Syros, Cesme, Kos, Ios, Santorini & Athens.

• 7 Days Cruise (Syros, Cesme , Kos, Ios, Santorini, Athens, Mykonos, Kusadasi , Samos, Milos & Athens.

• 7 Days Cruise (Thessaloniki, Kavala, Istanbul, Dikili , Kusadasi , Patmos, Syros & Athens.

With medium sized comfortable vessels, we are able to personalize our service and visit famous and well known destinations, as well as unspoiled hidden gems in the areas we are cruising.